Forms are the main wrapper components for form elements, with powerful customization and validation options.

Basic Form

The <i-form> component is a wrapper that provides proper handling of form validation and form grouping.


Disabled State

Setting a form as disabled will cause all of its child inputs to be disabled.

Disabled Form


You're able to use the size modifier to control the size of the components inside your <i-form>, using one of the available sizes: sm, md, and lg. The default size is set to md.

All of the components inside the <i-form> will inherit the parent form group's size.

Small Form Size
Medium Form Size
Large Form Size


Form API <i-form>
Property Description Type Accepted Default
disabled Sets the state of the form component as disabled. Boolean true, false false
readonly Sets the state of the form component as readonly. Boolean true, false false
schema Provides a schema binding to the form component. See the Form Validation documentation. Object
size Sets the size of the form component. String sm, md, lg md
inline Sets the form styling to be inline. Boolean true, false false