Select inputs are form components used for providing a collapsible list of options.


Basic Select

Disabled State

Disabled Select

Readonly State

Readonly Select

Prefix and Suffix

Inkline allows you to easily add a prefix or suffix to your inputs. Using prefixes and suffixes you can, indicate your input type using an icon or text.

Select Prefix and Suffix


You're able to use the size modifier to control the size of your inputs, using one of the available sizes: sm, md, and lg. The default size is set to md.

Select Sizes

Component API

Here you can find a list of the various customization options you can use for the select components as props, as well as available slots and events.

Select API
Select Option API

Sass Variables

Modifying the Input Component and the Dropdown Component Sass Variables will also change the Select component.

Here you can find a list of the Sass variables you can use for the select components. If you're looking to find common variables that these rely on, you should take a look at the Sass Variables page.