Plugin Options

Make Inkline your own by changing its various Vue Plugin global configuration options.

You can configure some of Inkline's behaviour globally using the config field of the Vue Plugin integration. Here are the default configuration options:

Vue.use(Inkline, {
    components: {},
    config: {
        variant: 'light',
        autodetectVariant: false,
        validation: {
            validateOn: ['input'],
            keys: {
                VALUE: 'value',
                NAME: 'name',
                FIELDS: 'fields',
                VALIDATE: 'validate',
                VALIDATE_ON: 'validateOn',
                VALIDATORS: 'validators',
                INVALID: 'invalid',
                VALID: 'valid',
                TOUCH: 'touch',
                TOUCHED: 'touched',
                UNTOUCHED: 'untouched',
                DIRTY: 'dirty',
                PRISTINE: 'pristine',
                SET: 'set',
                ADD: 'add',
                REMOVE: 'remove',
                ERRORS: 'errors'