Collapsible elements are used to show and hide content using a smooth reveal transition.


Collapsing an element will animate the height from zero to its default value. This component is useful for creating clearly separated content sections such as FAQ pages.

Collapsible Example

Item Title

You can use the title slot to provide a custom title for the collapsible panel's heading.

Collapsible Title

Default Open Panels

Panels can be opened by default, on page load, using the v-model directive of the <i-collapsible> component. First, you'll need to assign an id to the <i-collapsible-item> components which will identify the open panels.

Default Open Collapsible Panel


Accordion collapsible groups can have only one content panel open at a single time. This behaviour can be set using the accordion property.

Collapsible Accordion

Color Variants

Inkline includes basic predefined collapsible styles that you can use within your application. You can apply a style using the variant property.

Collapsible Variants

Component API

Here you can find a list of the various customization options you can use for the collapsible component as props, as well as available slots and events.

Collapsible API
Collapsible Item API

Sass Variables

Here you can find a list of the Sass variables you can use for the collapsible components. If you're looking to find common variables that these rely on, you should take a look at the Sass Variables page.